Ticket prices

Normal ticket: 24 zł
Discount ticket: 16 zł


Discount tickets are eligible to:
  1. School children over four years,
  2. Students of primary schools, middle schools and high schools,
  3. Students under 26 years of age,
  4. Pensioners
  5. Tutors of the group in case where one tutor takes care of more then 10 pupils.

Persons with disabilities are entitled to the same benefits as others visitors Gdynia Aquarium. Caregivers of people with disabilities enter the exhibition free of charge.

We encourage visitors to Gdynia Aquarium to use the discount programs tickets.

Tickets for families visiting Gdynia Aquarium. The offer includes children from 5 to 18 years of age. Children under 4 years of age are entitled to admission free of charge.

  • 2+1 = 56,00 zł (one caregiver - discount ticket, second caregiver - normal ticket, child - discount ticket),
  • 2+2 = 64,00 zł (two caregivers - discount tickets, children - discount tickets),
  • 2+3 = 72,00 zł (one caregiver - free admission, second caregiver - normal ticket, children - discount tickets),
  • 2+4 and more (one caregiver - free admission, second caregiver - normal ticket, children - discount tickets).



The offer is addressed to adult visitors to Gdynia Aquarium.
The Annual Personal Ticket entitles a person to any number of free admissions to Gdynia Aquarium. The ticket is valid until the end of the calendar year.
The Annual Personal Ticket entitles you to receive free admission ticket at the Gdynia Aquarium box office. In order to receive free admission ticket and enter the exposition of the Gdynia Aquarium, present the Annual Ticket and ID with photo to the GA employees.
DISCOUNT CARD - Friend of the Gdynia Aquarium Card

The discount card can be obtained after a single purchase in the amount of minimum 80,00 zł.
The card entitles you to receive 10% discount for the purchase of each subsequent admission ticket to Gdynia Aquarium. Offer does not apply to groups.

In this period of time the following discounts apply:
  1. In the first and third Wednesday of each month, admission is free for pensioners and children from centers of care and education (based on the list confirmed by the resort)
  2. 20% discount for all organised groupds (of more then 15 persons)
Free admission applies to:
  1. children under 4 years old,
  2. group tutors (1 tutor per 10 pupils),
  3. caregivers to persons with physical and mental disabilities
  4. employees of the zoological gardens
  5. PTTK guides
  6. PTTK leaders