About education in the Gdynia Aquarium

Education Section was established in Gdynia Aquarium in 1998 to spread knowledge about the sea. From that time to the present, students of Tri-City and surrounding areas, and school groups from across the Poland, took part in numerous educational projects. During 2010, the Gdynia Aquarium benefited over 39 000 participants of educational programmes. Our main goal is to introduce as many young people to current issues concerning the biology, ecology and conservation of the marine environment.
Education Section works with children, youth, students and other age groups. Lessons in the Gdynia Aquarium are modified according to the age of the participants and therefore are diverse. The classes are prepared in forms of: multimedia presentations, demonstration classes, workshops and laboratories, hydrographic cruises , education through play and film screenings. The course presents the specific nature of the marine environment - its richness and threats and everything that fascinates and is linked to the sea - life on a coral reef and the deep in the mysterious world of the cinema, sharks and birds of the Polish coasts, chemical analysis of waters. Education Section motto is - touch, see, hear and experience.
The Gdynia Aquarium also offers the classes in English. For the lessons reservation and more information, please contact us at: akwarium.edukacja@mir.gdynia.pl.
The lessons are held between 8:00 a.m. - 03:30 p.m. in the well equipped education rooms of Gdynia Aquarium.